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We Understand Your Needs


Complementing the architectural executive projects through the correct design of the facilities is of utmost importance, since it determines the due compliance with local and federal regulations that allow compliance with construction permits and procedures.


The correct execution of the installations at the time of construction depends to a great extent on their adequate design. All the effort made in architectural design (spaces, functionality, decoration, finishes and facades) may be irrelevant if the proper and correct functioning of the facilities is not available.

Forget about future problems

bad odor blown light bulb leaking pipe

Imagine the perception of walking through a comfortable building, visually and spatially in which:

  • The sanitary system gives off odors.
  • The noise of every flush of every toilet is perceived.
  • Problems of "burned out" light fixtures every week producing dark spaces.
  • Low water flow in bathrooms due to clogged pipes because of scale due to lack of water softener system in the supply.

These errors seem basic, however there are buildings today that suffer from them.

worried man

"A building has two lives.
The one imagined by its creator and the life it actually has.
And they are not always the same."

Rem Koolhaas.

Our methodology for success

At Alher Sem we complement our experience both in design and execution of installations in different buildings, which allows us to offer the best service in the design of installations to the architectural executive projects.

With our experience we have developed our methodology and procedures that guarantee the success in the realization of the design of installations.

alher sem methodology

1.- Initial Contact: It all starts with the personalized attention of our executives. We are committed to understanding your needs and expectations from the very beginning. Our team will listen to you carefully and make sure that your vision and objectives are fully understood.

2.- Technical Meetings: Once we have established contact, we will meet with you to go into the technical details of the project. We want to have a complete understanding of your requirements to ensure an accurate approach tailored to your specific needs.

3.- Commercial Agreement: Transparency is key in our approach to work. Before we begin any activity, we will establish a clear and fair commercial agreement that defines all responsibilities and scope of the project. We want you to feel secure and confident at all times.

4.- Initiation and Information Request: With the agreement signed, we will initiate the process and request all the necessary information to carry out the project efficiently. We strive to be proactive in each step and guarantee that everything is in order from the beginning.

5.- Project Review and Work: Our team of experts will get right to work, using their vast knowledge and technical skills to bring your project to life. We will keep you informed of the progress at all times, allowing you to closely follow every step of the process.

6.- Real Time Progress Upload: We value communication and transparency. Therefore, we will upload all the progress of the project to our cloud drive in real time. This way, you will be able to access them whenever you want, from anywhere and at any time.

7.- Weekly meetings: Feedback is essential for us. Through weekly meetings, we will review all points of the project and ensure that everything is aligned with your expectations. If necessary, we will come back to point 5 for additional reviews.

8.- Quality Assured Project Delivery: Finally, we will deliver the project with the quality that characterizes us at Alher Sem. We take pride in exceeding our clients' expectations and ensuring that every detail is carefully considered.

Our Customers Are Our Voice

"The details are not the details.
The details are the design"

Charles Eames.

At Alher Sem, we value the trust you place in us by choosing us as your partner in installation design solutions. More than just a business transaction, we seek to establish lasting bonds based on mutual respect and transparency. Your opinions and feedback are critical to our growth and we take pride in receiving your positive testimonials that inspire us to keep improving every day.

So, if you are looking for a rewarding and effective service, trust Alher Sem. We are here to support you every step of the way and turn your projects into reality. Contact us today and find out how we can become your reliable partner in engineering solutions.

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Our Guarantees


Work in shared cloud files allowing real time supervision.

Weekly meetings for follow-up and clarifications guaranteeing quality and details of the project.

Project updates are made on an ongoing basis.

Delivery and execution in a timely manner.


Compliance with local, federal and international regulations.

Drawings with general characteristics and details.

Personalized attention focused on your project.

Approval of municipal procedures and revisions.