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We know that one of the most important factors is the satisfaction and exceeding the expectations of our clients, as well as the quality in the key for them. Reason for which we have established a series of commitments that will fulfill our purposes:

  • Focus on work performance, a culture oriented towards customer satisfaction, that is, try to know their needs, as well as follow up on them and solve them.
  • Quality control is an essential requirement for our team, since each process that is carried out is evaluated, as well as we are open to customer suggestions.
  • Human capital is a key piece in the implementation, so we make sure that each element has the preparation and aptitude to perform.
  • To achieve the satisfaction of our clients, service is the key and one of the means to achieve this is through extreme care in our quality controls and services after the work carried out, in order to internally evaluate those areas of opportunity and allow an improvement.
solutions and projects
our team
our team

Our team

The growth and success of Alher Sem is the merit of our work team, since thanks to their efforts, excellence, professional ethics, commitment and more, today we are consolidated as a serious and quality company. That is why part of our gratitude lies in promoting and strengthening their excellence through continuous learning programs and incentives that motivate their work stay.
We know that a motivated employee results in a successful company, therefore, we summarize our promise in three important sustainable factors:

  • Talent attraction

    Our HR staff ensures that they form a team with a work ethic, integrity and excellent work skills.

  • Training and learning

    The competitions do not stop, so a competent employee increases the value of the company and, of course, improves their professional skills.

  • Organizational culture

    Opportunities for integration and development through activities that promote the improvement of the work environment.

About us

Committed to a better future.

energy care

At Alher Sem we know the great importance and benefits that large industries bring, however, we are also aware that it can have an impact on the environment and therefore, with the aim of allowing the development and growth of future generations, all of this has been achieved through guidelines with a responsible character when implementing strategies during our implementation.
For this we have established important points that will add to society and the environment.
So we propose the following:

  • Promote measures that prevent pollution, and on the other hand, if this is not possible, reduce polluting emissions to a minimum.
  • Embrace a culture of reducing waste, as well as recycle and reuse as much as possible.
  • Raise awareness and train employees so that they not only take environmental measures in their work environment, but in their day-to-day activities they can establish changes that benefit.
  • Significantly reduce the excessive use of energy or, where appropriate, use equipment that reduces its consumption.
  • Establish evaluations and continuous improvements of our performance in terms of the established environmental measures.
energy care